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The People Have Spoken...GCODE 7 was an INSTANT CLASSIC!

PENSACOLA, Fla. - The GULF OAST OMEGA DANCE/STEP Extravaganza came to a glorious conclusion in Pensacola this past Spring Break weekend and a time was had. The weekend featured a pop-up shoppe, live vlogs, a minority-owned business marketplace, and many opportunities to have fun in the Pensacola sun.

But the biggest draw, of course, was the youth performances of Pensacola's Top Step and Dance Teams.

While GCODE legends, newcomers, and established acts abounded, the peak of the weekend once again turned out to be the one and only Pensacola Lamplighters, who shut everything down with an electrifying set as the headliner of GCODE's final night at Pensacola High School.

The Gulf Coast Omega Dance/Step Extravaganza was first brought to Pensacola, Florida in 2015 after the Lamplighters saw the need for high-caliber youth performances. GCODE has become a household name in Pensacola, and many kids grow up looking forward to the performance that brings out nearly 3,000 community members.

The final GCODE featured performances by The Omega Lamplighters, Pensacola Tigers Elite Dance, Redd Diamonds, Dance 4 Your Life, Triple Threat Stallionettes, Soulful Movement, Triple B Dance Academy, and Mobile Kappa League.

The Lamplighters are grateful for event and program sponsors who played a crucial role in the event.

Proceeds from GCODE are donated to the Lamplighters, Inc. general scholarship fund and the annual "500 Miles Of Freedom Tour".

“We must let go of our current to make room for our NEXT,” says Bryan Freeman, one of the founders of GCODE. “We look forward to continuing impacting boys' lives in Pensacola for many years to come...GCODE was only the beginning!”

Photo Credits: Bryan Lucky

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